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FAQs About the Warming Center

Who will be served?
Single adults (18 years and older). We anticipate 10-15 guests each night.

When will the Overnight Warming Center be open?
December 15 - March 31 from 8pm -8am.

Where will the Overnight Warming Center be located?
502 S. Farwell St, Eau Claire, WI 54701

Why at the Christ's Cathedral's property?
Warming Center space needed to be zoned appropriately. This church is zoned commercial and can be used for such a purpose (per City Zoning Inspector). The space is not used overnight and is heated, which would minimize costs. More importantly, offering shelter to those in need fits the social mission of the Church.

Who will staff the shelter?
2 intake volunteers will greet overflow guests at Sojourner beginning at 8pm. Guests will be greeted and checked in after arriving at the church. These 2 volunteers will remain on duty until 2:00 AM. Another shift of volunteers will work from 2:00 AM to 8:00 AM. So 2 volunteers will be on duty at all times. The shelter will close for the evening if the shift is not covered. Volunteers will be screened and trained.

Will those staying at the shelter be able to leave?
If a guest chooses to leave before 8:00 AM he or she will not be re-admitted that night. No new guests will be admitted after the original intake unless brought to the shelter by the Police/Sheriff. 

What will happen if a guest exhibits aggressive or dangerous behavior? 
The Police will be called if a guest behaves in a way that is dangerous to self or others.


Are there rules or consequences that will be enforced at the shelter?

We have heard from other warming shelters that guests are grateful for a warm place to stay and are respectful of the volunteers and property. The Eau Claire Overnight Warming Center's basic rules are as follows:

1. Guests agree to stay calm and respectful and understand that any threats or aggression, physical or verbal, or damage to property, or violation of winter warming center rules, will result in the guest being asked to leave. 

2. If a guest is asked to leave for any reason, he or she will not be allowed back in for 24 hours. If a guests is asked to leave a second time, he or she will not be allowed in for 72 hours, with a third offense resulting in not being allowed back for the remainder of the season.

3. Guests agree NOT to bring in any alcohol, illegal drugs/substances or weapons. They agree not to smoke in the warming center or on the grounds. There is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY and guests who violate this will be asked to leave and the police will be called if necessary. 

4. Guests agree to stay in the Warming Center until 8:00 AM. 

5. Guests understand that the doors will be locked at 10:00 PM and that if a guest leaves at any time during the night he or she will not be allowed back in.

6. Guests understand that volunteers cannot and will not offer rides, give/loan money, or give any other items of monetary value. Guests understand that volunteers are on site to supervise, organize activities and keep them company.

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